Marka University

About MU


Marka University is been established in 2014 as a training, research, and consultancy institution in Somalia to provide quality, relevant and affordable training, research, consultancy, and allied services. It aspires to be a regional leader among others; human resource development in strategic and emerging disciplines.

Marka University is a non-profit institution of higher education, partially supported by various stakeholders among the community.

Marka University is committed to helping achieve the universal goal of education for all in Somalia. In this regard, the school intends to offer services in five strategic thematic areas; training, research, consultancy, professional workshops/seminars, and open learning. To achieve this, Marka University will bring together a dynamic team of professionals, facilitators, researchers, and consultants in various strategic disciplines from around the world.

In the area of training, the Marka University has its focus on long term programs leading to awards in degrees and diplomas with collaboration with local, regional, and international universities. There are several fields relevant to the development of professional capacities, such as management, technology, social science, criminal justice, security management, health, social work, education, etc. Through its constituent units, Marka University will also focus on short professional courses and workshops/seminars for Governmental and Non-Governmental agencies, corporate bodies, and private individuals. Other than training programs, Marka University intends to undertake research projects and consultancy services in strategic fields.